Join us for a live discussion on "Married and Thriving" | Daystar Christian Centre

Join us for a live discussion on “Married and Thriving”

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  • Post published:June 3, 2023


Join us for a live discussion on “Married and Thriving”. The month of May has ended! Wow, time really flies.

Yet, some marriages aren’t thriving as they should. Some quarrelled this morning before leaving home. Some have been holding grudges for… days, weeks, months, maybe even years. What could be the problem? What’s at the heart of the matter? Money? No children yet? External factors? What could it be?

We’ve looked at powerful principles and practical steps to help families succeed, covering everything from building solid relationships to creating a thriving family culture that focuses on the principles of the Bible. If you missed any of them, we have them- and many others – loaded up on our YouTube channel.

To the questions earlier raised, more pointers are sure to come from today’s unique interactive worship service. It’s a live discussion with our community where we will share more revelations on how to achieve the full potential of your family’s success. Be ready to be empowered and motivated.

Join us onsite or online for our midweek service at 6 p.m. as we wrap up the “Family Success” series.