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Let’s Try Pastor Sam’s Way

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  • Post published:November 15, 2023


Let’s Try Pastor Sam’s Way. Have you ever wondered how Daystar manages to produce such exceptional leaders? You shouldn’t worry too much about that, though, because our Senior Pastor, Sam Adeyemi, is a fantastic role model, and there’s no better way to lead than by imitating him and going where he goes.

It has been all about leadership, and last Sunday’s sermon about selflessly leading touched a deep chord with Jane, inspiring her to relate her story of how last year’s leadership message from Pastor Sam transformed her life.

In her own words, Jane shares;

After Pastor Sam’s sermon, I felt a fire in my heart to lead with love and sacrifice, just like he does. His words weren’t just a sermon; they were a call to action. I decided then and there to try Pastor Sam’s way, to go the extra mile, to lead with my heart fully invested in serving others.

The turning point for Jane came during a challenging moment in the church. Instead of shying away, she stepped up and led with unwavering dedication. Her sacrificial efforts didn’t go unnoticed. The impact of her leadership was felt not just by her peers but by the entire congregation.

Let each of you look not only to his own interests but also to the interests of others. Philippians 2:4 (ESV)

I’ve learned that leadership isn’t about titles or recognition; it’s about serving others with a selfless heart. Pastor Sam’s way is a path of joy, fulfilment, and a profound sense of purpose.

So, as we follow in the footsteps of Pastor Sam and Jane, don’t forget to join us for today’s service, either at our on-site locations scattered across Lagos or online via this link.

Let’s lead with sacrifice, not only in our actions but in our attitudes, making a positive difference in the lives we touch. Together, we can unleash a ripple effect of hope and encouragement.

You are blessed!