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Just One Question For You

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  • Post published:March 12, 2023

 We have just one question for you, “Are you ready to work?”

There are times in everyone’s lives when they struggle financially, but God never intended for that to be the case.

It’s not unusual for people to find themselves in financial difficulty, whether they are simply young and naive or a little older and somewhat undisciplined with their finances.

It’s unlikely that God will surprise you with a huge cash windfall when you’re lounging on the couch and watching TV. You won’t achieve financial success if you lead a carefree lifestyle and ask God to “clean up” your money missteps.

Financial success requires a lot of effort!

Many people today desire things that took their parents years to get, but they lack the patience and diligence to put in the same amount of effort over time that their parents did.

They ultimately make bad investments, try to become wealthy quickly, or take on debt to purchase items they cannot afford.

God asks us to live exemplary lives of honesty. This implies that we work hard and expect to be paid equally for our efforts, and that we make every effort to live within our means.

Work is good for us. It gives us a sense of accomplishment and allows us to help others. If we are faithful and honest in our work, God will reward our efforts.

So, we have just ONE question for you, “Are you ready to work?”

All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty

~ Proverbs 14:23 (NIV)

Do your best, but don’t forget to bless others as you work. That is one of  the best ways to ensure happiness throughout life.

It’s our season of financial increase, and if our track record is anything to go by (and it is), get ready for Daystar sermons that are balanced, practical, and deliver results every Sunday and Wednesday.

Tomorrow, join us online on YouTube, and if you are in Lagos, all our on-site locations are at your service, literally.

Stay Blessed.