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Making The Word Work For You.

Each one of us has a part to play in making the word work. A lot of people hear the word of God, but it works for only some people. Why?  

(Proverbs 24:13-14)

God made the world with His words, so the word of God is the most powerful resource we can get. Hold on to the word of God.

The word of God has creative ability. Remember how He said in the beginning of the world that “Let there be light.” And there was light. God didn’t use any building materials to create the world, all He needed was His word.

The word of God is the most powerful resource, hold on to it. It will create every resource that you will need to produce much fruits this year.

God has said that this is your much fruit season and no one in the world can stop it, no one but you. If you surrender to it, the word of God will work for you.

The word of God can not fail, when He makes a declaration, it happens and it is backed by the integrity of God. If the word of God doesn’t work, the problem is not God, it is the recipient of the word  that has rejected it.

Some Bible Characters who received their word from God regardless of challenges:

1. Abraham: (Genesis 12: 1-3)

At age 75, God gave Abraham His word. The word came to fulfilment when he was 99 years old. (Genesis 17: 1-5)

God waited for him to stop trying to achieve His promises by himself. Abraham was trying to help God, but God waited 24 years for him to surrender completely, and when he did, God’s promises came to pass.

Human efforts are a waste of time, God will bring you into your much fruits season when you surrender yourself. 

2. Joseph: (Genesis 37:5-10)

God spoke to Joseph through a dream, and because of his dream, he was hated by his brothers. Selling Joseph to slavery couldn’t kill God’s word over his life.

Joseph rejected Potiphar’s house because he knew that as good as it was, it wasn’t God’s promise for him.

For a lot of us, there will be many distractors and haters trying to deter us from our much fruit season, but we must learn from Joseph and press on and not give up.

3. The woman with the issue of blood: (Luke 8:43 -49, Matthew 9:20-22, Mark 5:24-34)

She had spent all she had, and she still wasn’t getting better, but she believed if she touched the hem of Jesus’ garments, she would be healed. She had heard about Jesus, and that was the word that she held in her heart, and it made her whole.

You will be the physical manifestation of much fruit season. Remember that you are under a new covenant with God through Christ.

Your much fruit season has come, in the mighty name of Jesus.

Sermon excerpt from Sunday sermon by Pastor Murphy Eyenike – Wednesday 18, January, 2023

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