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Stop Analyzing, Start Acting (2)

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  • Post published:January 22, 2023

Stop analyzing, start acting, your actions will sprout, blossom, and produce fruits.

On Wednesday, I hinted at a story of what happened at a wedding, which we call “Owambe” in Nigeria’s local parlance. Just before I jump right in, you should know that at a Nigerian wedding, apart from the music, dancing, comedy, and anything else you can think of, food and drink are at the top of the list of the things we hold dear. I think you do, too, lol.

So, long ago, at a wedding, the unthinkable happened.
Did the bride run away? Nope!
Did the groom run away? Nope!
Did a secret lover show up? Nope!
Did the guests or families start a quarrel? Nope!
Then what happened? The wine got finished. No drinks, no merriment.

In spite of this, there was someone who saw an opportunity in the problem, just as Pastor Sam has always taught us to be problem solvers. She made a few calls and instructed the waiters to obey the instructions of the person she had tasked with resolving it. His instructions were simple, and they had even better wine when they followed them. (See John 2:1-10)

Their obedience and action led to the solution. In order to bear much fruit, you must act on revelation. Your fruitfulness is dependent on obedience. The truth is, sometimes following God’s instructions may seem strange or confusing, but you should still follow them. Revelation is given for compliance, not for analysis. Whatever God tells you to do, do it.

Join us on Sunday at any of our services. It is always delightful to have you in service. Remember, the word works.


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