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You’re In Real Trouble.

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  • Post published:July 15, 2023

You’re In Real Trouble. We call it ‘WAHALA’ in Nigeria’s local parlance. So, are you in wahala? This is not for you, especially if you’ve already joined a small group or led one. But hey, if you haven’t, that’s what the Word says.

Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble. Ecclesiastes 4 : 9 (NLT)

We are made for connection, not isolation. Opeyemi from Swansea puts it beautifully in his testimony below.

When we relocated to the UK, we stressed about many things until we joined the online community. And that made a huge difference. I always look forward to fellowship time now because it never leaves me the same.

The different perspectives on the Scriptures have helped to deepen my understanding. Even my sons are not left out. Attending the children’s fellowship always leaves an indelible mark on their minds, which in turn helps to ease our work as parents because the seed has been sown. All we do is water the seed.

Also, God used a sister in our community to point my wife in the right direction as she was in search of a job. And she has had several interviews since then.Just having a sense of security that you belong to a family that cares for you is something we don’t take for granted.

WOW! What a testimony.

Clearly, if Opeyemi was isolated, away from community, he would have been in real trouble! There’s so much to benefit when we stay in community!

If you are yet to connect, please click this link to join one 

And if you cannot find any near you, and have completed the 300 level of our training system, click this link and volunteer to lead one.

We’re still discussing “The Power of Community”. Join us tomorrow on-site at any of our Lagos locations, or online here. It promises to be a refreshing time as always in God’s presence.