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last last Na Everybody God love.

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  • Post published:February 18, 2023

Last last na everybody God love. As a student on campus, the idea of love was so special to us. But we thought of love in many ways that were not right.

I remember Valentine’s Day as a day of running emotions as we read those letters( or texts for Gen Z 😜), or exchanged gifts. It was also a moment for “national breakfast,” – that is, heartbreak. How terrible it feels when a relationship ends on Valentine’s Day!

As students, we always found a way to laugh through it, well, mostly through another person’s heartbreak. Last last, we all had “breakfast.”

Later, I fell in love and confessed my love to someone who doesn’t serve breakfast. I no longer feel loved only on Valentine’s Day; right now, every day is like a holiday for me. It is even more exciting knowing that this person loves everyone.

Last last na everybody God love.

Sometimes we focus on the wrong things when it comes to love.

Love isn’t found in another person, it is found in God because He is love (1 John 4:8b).

God’s nature is love, and the moment I confessed my love for Him, His love nature came upon me. He loves me and sees great value in me. That helps me recognize the value in others and celebrate it.

I recognize the value in you, and I celebrate you. God loves you so much that even I cannot understand it.

Join us on Sunday, in-person or online, as we continue to share about God’s love.

Remember, you are loved!