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Love is the Real Deal

Love is the real deal, and the force of love is one of the greatest forces and principles in our world. It makes the world go round.

We all gravitate towards where we experience love, because where there is love, there is joy, and there is peace, celebration, oneness, unity, patience, kindness and grace.

When people dwell where there is no love, it shows in their approach to life, they are open to bitterness and hurt.

In an atmosphere of love, great things can be built, it is critical to stay where there is love, because love is the real deal.

For you to have the fruit of love, you need to plant the right seeds. In this case, the seed is God’s word – the seed of kindness, of giving, of sacrifices.

The fruits we will harvest are dependent on what we plant, so what are you planting today?

It’s time to sow the right seeds towards love.

God loves us and seeks after us, even in our raw and undeserving state. He is willing to leave the 99 sheep He has, just to bring us home. We are so valuable to God that He sent His only son to die on the cross for us.

God’s love is potent and powerful. No matter what we are going through, His love is able to make all the difference in our lives. We need to extend the love that God has given us to other people.

Based on Matthew chapter 22, there are three dimensions to love;

  • Love to God – Loving God with all our heart, soul and mind.
  • Love to our neighbours – Loving everyone around us whoever they may be.
  • Love to ourselves – Loving ourselves as God loves us, because only when we love ourselves can we love others.

We all have the capacity to love, if you are in Christ, love should be part of your nature because God is love.

Sermon excerpt from Midweek sermon by Pastor Seun Ladokun – Wednesday 15, February, 2023

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