Daystar Christian Centre-Midweek Service- position for Influence

Positioning for Influence 

When positioning for influence, you need to decode your identity, discover what you have. Then decide your playground and define your value. Everyone has value to add.

When you’re positioning to navigate a new season, ask yourself these questions:

1. What do I need to know?

The Bible says my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Every man’s mountain is ignorance. 

If there is any difficulty you’re facing, know that there is a knowledge gap somewhere. 

Ask the Holy Spirit where you lack wisdom, and identify where you need to gain new insights to be able to move to the next phase

2. What am I forgetting?

Frrequently, what holds us back are the things that we know but have forgetten. 

Sometimes, were busy looking for solutions elsewhere, but there are things that we know which is the answer. 

Thankfully we have the holy spirit in us. Scripture says the Holy Spirit will remind us of all things.

Now that you’re ready to position for influence, watch the full sermon on the C’s of developing influence

•Calling •Candor •Capacity• Capability• Credibility • Confidence •Courage

I see you moving into a new season of your life, in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Sermon excerpts by Pastor Boye Oloyede – Wednesday, November 16, 2022.

Watch the full sermon here.