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Single And Purposeful


What is your purpose?

Yesterday at midweek service, we had a vibrant and enlightening discussion about being single and purposeful.

The panel of speakers were a cross-section of five people, among which was a relationship expert. They shared their personal journeys and discussed what it means to be single and purposeful.

It started with the question; What does it mean to be single?

The panellists all emphasised the importance of recognising the value of singlehood as a unique season for personal growth and self-discovery. They encouraged the congregation to shift their perspective and see singleness as an opportunity rather than a limitation.

Throughout the discussion, the panelists shared their experiences, highlighting three key themes that resonated with the congregation:

  1. Embracing personal growth:

The speakers unanimously emphasized that being single provides an ideal platform for personal growth and self-discovery. They encouraged single people to seize this season to explore their passions, cultivate their talents, and invest in their personal development.

  1. Rely on the Holy Spirit for direction:

The discussion stressed the importance of fostering a meaningful relationship with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit helps us see our flaws and supports us as we work on ourselves.

  1. Communication is an important skill to build:

The panelists also advocated for building of communication skills, they emphasized that we have all grown up differently and come from different backgrounds so proper communication is the only way we can develop in relationships.

The lively discussion sparked engaging conversations among the congregation, who shared their own questions as well.

Watch this Live discussion here on our YouTube channel