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Author Unknown but we agree!

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  • Post published:May 20, 2023

Author Unknown, but we agree! Wednesday’s service was special. Ok, that’s not exactly accurate; Wednesday’s service was beyond special.

If you missed it, you can watch it here. 

A few of our Daystar Singles were in a panel session discussing the single life, and like Abimbola, the Moderator pre-warned us, it was indeed a ‘no holds barred’ one.

What was most remarkable, however, was how every panellist agreed that one factor was non-negotiable in their saying ’Yes or No’ to starting a relationship, which is the ‘God-factor’.

I agree 100%, we all deserve a happy, healthy marriage, but it can never be powered by 6-packs, a lovely figure, a broad chest, or a beautiful face.

We need the Holy Spirit as our teacher, and gratefully in Daystar, our sermons this May (as always) have been Holy Spirit inspired. If you are single, last Wednesday’s panel session was a holy treat (It’s linked above, and there were some vulnerable heartbreak and rejection stories, too, ouch!)

If you are married (and even Single), the series Family Success 1 and 2 have spoken directly to marriages. Every sermon can be found on YouTube here.

The Author of this quote is unknown, but it rings true

A happy family is but an earlier heaven.

But this happy family won’t fall from heaven; we all have to put in the work to achieve it. Our sermons on our YouTube channel are a good place to start since family success is our goal. 

We’re excited for what will be served from the pulpit tomorrow – Sunday at all our centres and online worldwide. Please join us on-site or via YouTube for any of our services.