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How Much Does He Owe?

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  • Post published:July 19, 2023


How much does he owe, man/woman of God?  I’m just checking in to see if you remember your title. As Pastor Boye said, we will keep reminding you, “You are a Man/Woman of God”

We’ve been feeding fat this month, and we’ve just crossed the halfway mark. Whoosh! What a delight to be a part of this community.

Beyond solid doctrine from the pulpit in the Church to mature you spiritually, being a part of our small group system adds all the much-needed colours and benefits to other areas of your life.

And the best part is that it would be fine wherever you are in the world, our small groups are online too and worldwide.

Oyebola got more than he bargained for when he joined and started leading a small group in Daystar.

During the lockdown, a colleague, who isn’t a member of Daystar, recommended Daystar Online Community (DOC). I attended a service and decided to become a member of Daystar. DOC has greatly enriched me in many ways. However, leadership and public speaking stand out for me.

Though not naturally timid, I habitually evaded positions requiring public speaking or leadership. Surprisingly, upon joining DOC, I unexpectedly assumed the role of an online community leader. Even though I felt unprepared, Pastor Kayode Olutayo  firmly asserted that at Daystar, everyone is a leader.

Leading an online fellowship pushed me out of my comfort zone. I now embrace comparable roles in the office and elsewhere. My CEO even praised my presentations at work. At a scholarship interview last week, I presented myself with composure and confidence, thanks to my involvement in the Daystar Online Community.

Oyebola’s testimony reminds me of this quote by Truman Capote “Anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot.”

So, with the solid training systems in place at Daystar and other platforms that help you grow your confidence, I’m wondering how much Oyebola owes. But more importantly, how much do you owe?

Well, no need to calculate. You can pay it forward by

1.Joining a small group and serving here

2.Leading a small group, if you have completed at least 300L of our Daystar Training system, here

3.Tell someone who is not yet a part of our community to join us.

There’s no telling what we can experience or achieve when we come together in corporate fellowship, whether in church, or house to house.

Like the apostles in Acts 4 : 31. “As they prayed the earth shook beneath them, causing the building they were in to tremble. Each one of them was filled with the Holy Spirit, and they proclaimed the word of God with unrestrained boldness.”

And in just a few hours, 6PM WAT precisely, our mid-week service goes live at our Oregun Centre and online here.

We can’t wait to fellowship with you.