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Musical Chairs!

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  • Post published:March 4, 2023

Did you ever win this competition; musical chairs!

Many of us can remember the absolute joy of this competition as we played it at home, on the streets, at parties, and basically everywhere.

If this game is strange to you, I’ll explain.

Basically, we have a good number of people (the more the merrier), dancing to music around fewer chairs than the people.

The person in charge of the music stops it at random times, and everyone scrambles to sit on a chair.

You are out of the game if you can’t get a chair to sit on when the music stops. As the number of participants reduces, the chairs reduce too, and the last man sitting is the winner.

We played it everywhere as children. We laughed, shoved, fell down, stood up, and some of us even low-key cheated!

It was FUN!

And there is absolutely no reason to not replicate that kind of fun even as adults!

This Sunday at Daystar, we’re dancing like we did as children at our monthly thanksgiving service.

Just see how far we have come already this 2023, our MUCH FRUITS year…

January: We worked the WORD
February: We rocked with LOVE
March: We’re increasing financially.

We’re dancing to ALL OF THAT.

Best part is, there will be no losers because we have more than enough chairs. So, invite someone, and let’s give thanks ahead for March.

Join us here on YouTube, and on-site at any of our locations if you are in Lagos.

See you soon!