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The Elevator Pitch

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  • Post published:March 16, 2023

The Elevator Pitch – one of the origin legends for this well-known concept dates back to the 1990s, when Michael Caruso, a senior editor at Vanity Fair, repeatedly tried to sell story ideas to his Editor-in-Chief at the time but was unable to because she was constantly on the go.

According to Wikipedia, Caruso decided to accompany her during brief spare moments like an elevator ride just to pitch his ideas to her. Thus, the concept of an elevator pitch was developed.

How long could an elevator ride be?

That’s how much time he got to pitch his ideas. And that’s how long it could take to make or mar a destiny.

Just one moment!

You see, Michael had a seed; it was his ideas. He looked for ways to share his ideas and seize the moment.

Think about it; how long did it take Queen Vashti to lose her influence as the wife of the greatest king of her time?

Just one moment. How long did it take Joseph to step into destiny? Just one moment.

Now, that moment could be the climax of many decades of preparation: planting seeds. So, are you prepared for your moment of financial increase?

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