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Pastor Boye was right!

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  • Post published:April 12, 2023

Pastor Boye was right! Backsliding is a possibility, but RESTORATION is certain. Permit me to say this: if you know anyone headed in that route, please tell them it is not worthwhile. Jesus died and rose so that we should enjoy the BEST life in Him.

I had the honour of listening to Mr. Y share his salvation testimony while at a conference. I share it with you today as a source of inspiration and evidence that if you’d just give God a chance, there would be resurrection, restoration and resurgence.

He explained that there was a time in his early Christian life when he got tired of all things GOD and started to spiral down the opposite direction. If you can imagine it, he probably did it, so I won’t even go into details.

Sadly, he lost almost everything during this time, including his job, and family. He also became homeless and was unable to provide for himself. Still, he could sense the constant tug of the Holy Spirit during these times.

Thankfully, Mr. Y responded. And his life today is truly one that looks nothing like the path of sin he veered into.

Pastor Boye Oloyede was right, the resurrected life is a complete transformation. By the way, you really should check out last Sunday’s sermon here you just may find yourself almost licking the screen of whatever device you use from how ‘sweet’ it was.

Back to Mr. Y.

Today, he serves as a church pastor, the director of a Christian rehabilitation center, and the chaplain of a homeless shelter.

Talk about the RESURRECTED LIFE indeed.

“For my beloved son was once dead, but now he’s alive! Once he was lost, but now he is found!’ And everyone celebrated with overflowing joy.”

Luke‬ ‭15‬:‭24‬ ‭(TPT‬‬)

The tempo is rising with our RESURRECTED LIFE series and we’re looking forward to fellowshipping with you today at our midweek service both in person at our Oregun center and online here

Also, save the date to attend the Women of Destiny Conference, themed LIGHT, this weekend. It will be a terrific moment to be in God’s presence because we all need His light in our lives.

You are blessed!