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Bottom-Pot of 2022

Bottom pot!

If you grew up in Nigeria, or are connected to someone who did, chances are high that you’re familiar with the concept of bottom pot. If you aren’t, you’re welcome.

‘Bottom pot’ typically refers to the food that sticks nicely to the bottom of the pot at the end of the cooking process. It’s slightly burned to just the right degree to take it from just delicious to ‘plate-cleaning-finger-licking-yummylicious.’

Especially jollof rice!

Nigerian folklore still insists that some of us reading this email now struggled for bottom pot jollof while growing up. Or maybe, this Christmas!

We understand. No judgement!

Here we are, right at the bottom-pot of 2022.

Last Sunday was not only Christmas, but also the last Sunday worship service for the Year.

Today is not just another Wednesday, but the last Wednesday service for the year at Daystar.

It’s like our end-of-the-year Wednesday Party at Daystar and on the menu we have; gratitude and joy!

I’ll be there. Will you?

We’re online on YouTube here  so join us at 6pm WAT!

Serve the Lord with gladness. Come to Him with JOY. Give THANKS as you enter the gates of His presence! Psalm 100 v 2,4

But, today is certainly NOT the last Daystar service for the year. Our Cross over service into 2023 will be LIVE at all our locations in Lagos and will be streamed online too.

We kick off at 6pm WAT on Saturday the 31st, and expect details and more in our lovely final email to you for 2022 on Saturday.

See you online soon.