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Joy at Christmas

Pastor Kenny Folarin

Text: Luke 2:8-11

The birth of Jesus brought intense joy to our world. His birth was intended to be a celebration of great joy in the world.
We’ve been given the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ and we should receive Him with great joy.

Sin is the greatest problem in our world and sin makes us slaves to satan. The arrival of the savior is our deliverance and it provokes great joy.

When we receive Christ as savior, the old nature of sin leaves us making us new persons.

Don’t base your joy on the things of this world. Rejoice in spite of all the happenings in the world. Refuse to be moved by negative circumstances around you. Don’t allow satan steal your joy.

In this season, break forth in songs of praise, be full of appreciation. When you are alive, your goals can still come to fruition, stop focusing on your natural clock, align with God’s timing

Today is the termination date for sadness and sorrow in your life today. This will be your best Christmas yet.

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