Daystar Christian Centre - Anniversary Sunday - Daystar at 27

The Word Works Wonders at Daystar

The word works wonders at Daystar! Daystar is not a man’s idea. It is God’s idea.

We are celebrating God. Yes, we worked hard, so that the grace of God would not be wasted.

Today, we share our stories to encourage others, mainly because we know many of us joined in the last few years. We need to share our story to understand where we are coming from and track where we are going.

You need to pay attention to the revelation, if you want the wisdom and the power of God through the ministry of Daystar Christian centre to be released in your life and to help you fulfil destiny.

Satan knows how powerful revelation is. It is the core resource God used to create the world. (Hebrew 11:19)

The classic biblical example is Joseph, the young man harassed by his brothers. The Bible said Joseph dreamed.

The best way to respond to adversity is to leverage the equipment God has given every single one of us. It’s called the imagination. When we do image formation, and miracles happen!

Eventually, Joseph rose to be an influential person. The birth of Daystar is somewhat similar.

In early 1994, Pastor Sam Adeyemi experienced some disappointment which has to do with international travel – visa refusals here and there.

Subsequently, he went on a prayer retreat with his wife, Pastor Nike Adeyemi. They prayed and fasted, and waited God for revelation.

The revelation came later, in July 1994. God told him:

I am moving you to the next level through your teaching gifts. You will teach people success principles, and you wouldn’t be able to do it where you are currently serving. You would need to move out of the church.

One revelation birthed two powerful platforms. In February 1995, Pastor Sam launched a radio program, “Success Power” on Ray Power FM, Lagos, Nigeria.

In the middle of 1995, Pastor Nike and Sam Adeyemi approached a few of their family members, and they prayed together towards the church’s birth.

And November 18, 1995, Daystar Christian Centre was inaugurated.

The last two years have been tough for us as a church. First, because of what the whole world has gone through, and then precisely the absence of our senior Pastors physically.

But, we are grateful to God for technology that make connection and communication seamless.

Last year (2021), the spirit of God said to Pastor Sam Adeyemi, according to John 12:24, “I am taking you through a death and resurrection period, and you will drag Daystar through that experience, but at the other end, you will come forth with much fruit.”

Daystar, the much fruit season is here! The old Daystar is gone, the new Daystar is here.

Those that thought they knew you before will realise they never knew you. The old you is gone, the new you is here.

Pay attention to the revelation!

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