Daystar Christian Centre - Sunday Service - The Word works

The Word Works

“The Word Works” is a declaration, a testimony, and an affirmation. And it’s our prayer that you will activate the word of God over your life in this much fruit season, in Jesus’ name.

In John 15: 5 -8, Christ established an important secret to the production of much fruit, and it is maintaining our connection with God. The recipe for producing much fruit is to remain in a vital relationship with God, a life-giving connection and union with God.

But if you remain in me and my words remain in you, you may ask for anything you want, and it will be granted! 

– John 15:7

Nobody has ever heard a tree groaning because it wants to bring out fruit. All the tree needs to do is to stay connected to the soil with its branches, draw nutrients, and it produces fruits in its season.

This year, as you stay connected to the word of God, you will not struggle to produce results, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

The nutrients that flows from the vine to the branches causes it to produce fruits. In the same vein, the word of God flows to us to produce much fruit, when we remain in Christ permanently.

You have the responsibility to fight off distraction and anything else that may want to take you away from remaining in the presence of God. God’s word remaining in you is your insurance this year.

As you go about your life this year, through your work, education, family, and finances, remember the following:

  1. Prioritize your relationship with God. To stay connected to God, you need to spend time with Him. Mark 1:35-37 (NLT) When you spend time in prayer and with the word of God, what others are running after will run after you. By all means, make sure your connection with God is protected.
  2. Prioritize revelations. Psalm 119:162 (NLT) Revelation is God’s perspective quickened in your spirit, and applied to your situation. Prioritise knowing God’s heart in every situation. Don’t rush into decisions.
  3. Act on revelations. It is not every opportunity or opened door that will be yours. Revelation saves you from stress. When you wait on God and He gives you a matching order, on the strength of that matching order, you can face anyone and any situation.

There is tremendous creative power in the word of God. And it is your conscious effort to remain in God that activates your much fruit.

Sunday sermon excerpt by Pastor Boye Oloyede – January 8, 2023.

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