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Check Your Account

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  • Post published:March 1, 2023

“Check your account!”

There was an expression on his face which I could not quite place, but I didn’t have time to audit it.

Finally, one bank app had allowed me make the transfer I had been struggling with from my different banks, and since he had confirmed it, I was good to go.

Lucky him! At least he was getting SMS alerts. I wasn’t. Maybe I would get it at midnight.

Thankfully, I had not left the shopping area when I got multiple SMS debit alerts from my different banks to the same vendor. And without a doubt, I knew he was aware, but chose to stay silent.

He must have rejoiced at the financial increase his account was experiencing.

It’s our month of FINANCIAL INCREASE, this March!

For us at Daystar, it’s the real deal because we are still in our MUCH FRUITS season.

Keep an eye on your account, you’re sure to be credited.

Remember, Pastor Sam told us that the original seed is the Word of God and as we continue to put much seed in the ground, we are sure to see much fruits, even in the area of our finances.

The farmer I talked about is anyone who brings God’s message to others, trying to plant good seed within their lives.

(Mark 4:14)

But don’t just take our word for it, join us at 6 p.m. (WAT), for our Midweek service online here for your first ‘credit alert’.