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Good Health 2

Good Health 2. Christ did not come to pet sin and the consequences of sin, He came to destroy them. So as disciples of Christ, we need to have a destroyer mentality regarding sicknesses and diseases. We have a divine mandate to destroy sin and the devil’s ideas. (2 Corinthians 10:3-5 NKJV). We must destroy Satan’s ideas, values, and culture in our world. We need to broaden our minds, when we talk about destroying sicknesses and diseases, First of all, we do it through prayer, but there are other ways to go about it.

The moment you get a hint from someone that they are experiencing some pain, your first instinct should be to pray. The things that are impossible with men are possible with God. What does it cost us to pray? It is not your problem if you pray and nothing happens, it is God that heals. When you tie your esteem to the result, Satan will have the opportunity to manipulate you. The results of the prayers are not up to you; your own business is to obey God.

Some Christians have a fascinating notion that if you use medicine, it shows that you don’t have faith. If we go by this notion then we should ask ourselves why do we eat food? Why not use faith to sate your hunger. We destroy the works of the devil, specifically sicknesses through education, through policies, politics and through funding. What does this mean? If someone is supposed to use some specified funds to build a hospital, and the person instead embezzles the funds, is the person not a satanic agent? That person is helping the devil to destroy peoples lives.

Christ could not entertain sicknesses and diseases In people’s bodies. Don’t think that if it is outside of raw miracles then it is outside of God’s scope. We are on a mission to destroy sicknesses, locally, nationally and globally. When Christ was here, He did not do it alone, He recruited His disciples and sent them on the same assignment (Luke 10:2NLT)

 Heal the sick, and tell them, ‘The Kingdom of God is near you now.’ (Luke 10:9NLT)

Sermon excerpt from Sunday sermon by Pastor Sam Adeyemi– Sunday 10, August, 2023

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