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Good Health 3

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  • Post published:October 9, 2022

Good Health 3

God is saying in Exodus 15:26, “Your health is important to me; I am your ultimate physician.”
The life that powers God’s system powers our system also, and there are no sicknesses and diseases in God’s ideal environment, only good health.

Get ready to go in the opposite direction to the majority if you want to live by God’s nature, get ready to defy the norm, and don’t allow the culture around you to drag you down!

Speaking at a cultural level, it is the value of human life that fuels a good healthcare system, so we must put value on human life!

Moses spoke to the Israelites about good hygiene. The problem with bad hygiene is that it creates an environment for diseases to foster.

Scientific research shows that those in loving relationships have better immune systems, and they cope with stress, anxiety and depression better.

And God promises that if you walk in love, in line with His word, you will be blessed and prosperous.

God loves you, and His will for you is good health.

Sermon excerpts from Pastor Sam Adeyemi – Sunday, September 11, 2022.
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