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Heal What You See

Heal What You See. Could you ask yourself what good you are supposed to do? Problems abound around us, do something about it and solve them.

Even while we allow God to lead us, we must understand that we are responsible for the people around us. Some people are groping in the darkness; they are confused and disillusioned. With the current situation in Nigeria, it might be easy to become centred on only our own problems, but there is always something that you can do for someone else. 

In times like these, we have to be very creative about solving problems. The world needs compassion, it is not only for those who run NGOs, we should all carry it. Compassion is needed most in the world now, when you are compassionate, you will be creative. We all need all the support we can get, Jesus was out there healing all who were oppressed by the devil. 

We’ve been looking at Christ’s compassionate response to human problems, He has commissioned us also  to be solution providers. You might say “I have my own problems” yes, but look around you and see how you can contribute to solving other peoples problems. Make an effort to do good because God has anointed you and He is with you. 

In our current season in Nigeria where everything is increasingly hard, why should we continue to be harsh to each other, why should we become part of the problem. 

From the story of the good samaritan we see that we need to step up our compassion, we are anointed and we are light. Light heals, light clears the way and shows  the path so we can see without stumbling.

We must continue to be the light in our community. 

Sermon excerpt from Sunday sermon by Pastor Nike Adeyemi – Sunday, August 13, 2023

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