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How To Maximize Your Harvest Season

How to maximize your harvest season. In John 12:24 Jesus showed us the process of what happens to a seed, first the seed must be alone and then it must be planted and it has to die. What Jesus was describing here was a change of form, the seed would then germinate and start to produce fruit.

The first phase

Aloneness: God would always take us to a place where we are alone to do anything meaningful in our lives. These are the times when we ask questions like “God, why me?”. If we understand the concept of aloneness, it will help us in many ways.

One of the many fears people have is that they don’t want to be alone, when you are alone, it is a season to learn how to pray and communicate with God.

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed. Mark 1:35

In the moment where it looks like you are not yet planted and nothing is happening around you, you need to start visualizing and receiving revelation.

The Second phase

Sowing: not all soil can support all types of seeds, when you understand your seed, then you ask God where you can plant your seeds and where it will flourish.

It is when you are planted that you will flourish, stop removing the seed before it begins to express all the potentials that it has. It is in the planting phase that we can move to our next level and maximize the potential that God has given us.

The third phase

Supersedence: This is when something takes the place of what already exists, it is when what is inside the seed comes out. We need to die to one phase so we can move to the next phase, the seed itself does not die but it’s coat must give way.

What is the coat that you are carrying around?

God cannot mould us into His desired form until we are ready to loose our present state, the best we can be then is a caricature of our desires and aspirations. When God tells us to give up something so we can move to the next phase, we have to give it up, because only then can we experience the much-fruit dimension of that phase.

This is the most painful phase because something has to give way, we have to let go of things we consider to be our identity and letting go is never easy.

Sermon excerpt from Midweek sermon by Pastor Ayo Bankole – Wednesday 19, April, 2023 

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