Daystar Christain Centre - Midweek Service - Building influence from ground zero

Build Influence From Ground Zero

You have what it takes to build influence from ground zero. You can build influence whether you have so much or so little.

What does ground zero mean to you? Ground zero is the state where it seems like things aren’t working out.

How to build influence from ground zero:

1. Fine-tune the meaning in your mind

How do you view life?

  • Good or evil paradigm is when you see events as good or bad. People who are in this place are never stable in their emotions because when it’s good, they are okay, and when it’s not, they are not okay.
  • Destiny Paradigm: This is when people believe that God masterminds every event of your life. The danger in this state of mind is that they blame God when bad things happen. Some people stop believing in God because of this mindset.
  • The ultimate good is the understanding that God is aware of whatever comes their way and can turn things around to their advantage. Joseph had this mindset, while talking to his brother. (Genesis 50:20)

Which of these paradigms do you hold up?

2. Inspire others like you

Whatever the challenge you are going through, many people are going through the same things.

Instead of focusing on your needs, why don’t you turn it around and help other people like you?

“Your life is too small to be the purpose of your life.”

~ Sam Adeyemi

How we build influence is not about us. How can you inspire people like you?

3. Relish the journey

Those who give up never rise to anything significant. Instead, they become a shadow of themselves. Enjoy every step of the way, get up each day, dress up and show up.

Enjoy the journey. 2 Chronicles 15: 7 (NIV)

How do you perceive yourself and your shortcomings?

4. Start now

You can never be a star until you start. Every star was once a disaster.

The world only rewards actions and not intentions. If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never make the auditions. Ecclesiastes 11:4 (AMPC)

What are you going to start doing now?

5. Thanks-living

Cultivate a lifestyle of thanksgiving. Focus on what God is doing, instead of what the circumstance is saying.

Rest in God’s unfailing love. Hold on to His blessings. As long as you are still alive, everything will still align.

As you get grateful for the moments, you make room to have even more joyful moments. Romans 8:28

What are you grateful for now? It would help if you answered these questions.

Sermon excerpts by Pastor Ayo Bankole – (Wednesday, November 30, 2022)

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