Daystar Christian Centre - Sunday Service - The Influencer (3)

The Influencer (3)

You are the influencer the world has been waiting for. You are salt and light. Salt and light change their environment.

How do you use your God-given influence? What are you known for? What do people call you?

Light and salt have a clear identity. You must have a clear identity. Branding is the experience people get when they come in contact with you. 
In using and maximizing your influence, you should:

Create Awareness:
People need to know the value you carry, don’t be the best-kept secret.
But how can people call for help if they don’t know who to trust, how can they know who to trust if they haven’t heard.” 
~ Romans 10:13-14

Don’t hide your light. Shine but ensure to glorify your Father in heaven. Remember how an encounter that Joseph had in prison brought him to the palace.
An encounter might just be all you need, so be the best version of yourself at all times.

In creating awareness about your brand, you need to leverage the media. The media platforms are like the lamp stand Jesus spoke about in Matthew 5:13.
Be intentional about what you post on social media and be consistent.

Influence through service:
David ran toward the same Goliath that frightened the soldiers.
You too should run towards the problems that you are best equipped to solve. A few areas to you can serve include:

    1. Setting up a non-profit organization or serving with one.
    2. Start a business, if God has given you the capacity.
    3. Join the public service in your country. (Romans 13:4)

Spread the values of Jesus Christ:

We must spread the value of Jesus Christ, and the chief cornerstone of these values is love.

Whatever you do, where ever you go, you need to share love. Shine the values of Jesus Christ. 

And as you do this, I see your life shining brighter. I see God opening doors of opportunity for you, in the mighty name of Jesus.

Problems that only you have been equipped to solve, they will bring them to you. And as they bring them, what to do will come to you, and your light will shine brighter, in the mighty name of Jesus.
Sermon excerpts by Pastor Boye Oloyede– (Sunday, November 27, 2022)
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