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It’s Called NeuroPlasticity

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  • Post published:March 26, 2023

It’s called NeuroPlasticity. Simply put, it’s the brain’s ability to change into a new way of thinking based on what we are currently and consistently exposing it to.

For example, even though one may have experienced and believed lack and scarcity their whole lives, exposure to solid teaching (like we are privileged to enjoy at Daystar) can completely transform your thinking into ship-sinking, net-breaking levels of abundance, like Peter and his fishing crew experienced in Luke 5.

Permit me to share with you this sister’s brief testimony.

As entrepreneurs, we are all aware that starting a business requires capital. Besides time and effort, finance is a big requirement.

She prayed and educated herself, because she needed money to start her business but didn’t have any. As a result of her efforts, God was able to provide £2500 in a single day.

She prayed to God about it and began to educate herself on how to save money as a home-based business owner because she was having trouble with her venture and needed money to keep going.

She met a woman who told her that business owners are entitled to tax credits that can help offset any losses they have experienced.

Then she started working and was able to earn £2500, which she used to invest in her company.

She did not just have faith; she also invested in her education and sought out the correct facts since faith goes in hand with the work.

The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it. Proverbs
10:22 (KJV)

I’m sure you’re wondering if there is a particular prayer or decree we can utter in order to experience a financial breakthrough, but the reality is that prayer is individualized and that each of our circumstances is unique.

The main points is to be specific with God. Faith is shown by fasting and praying for a financial breakthrough witness.

Tomorrow, join us online on YouTube , and if you are in Lagos, all our on-site locations are at your service, literally.

You are blessed!