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Would You Have Been Embarrassed?

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  • Post published:July 5, 2023

Would you have been embarrassed? Last Sunday’s service was LIT. Pastor Sam dished out the word of God 🔥 HOT. You should watch the message on YouTube here to get fired up! 

They say home is where the heart is, but what if it could also be a place of extraordinary blessings? Meet the Gift family, the proud owners of a house-turned-testimony Haven.

Here’s Mrs. Gifts’ testimony in her own words:

When we were designing our house, we also agreed to attach a Shopfront. We moved into the unfinished house three (3) years ago as house rent kept increasing where we lived. A few months after we moved in, we decided to make it a Daystar Home fellowship, as there was none within our Area (I was an Area Leader where we came from). We had fellowship with tarpaulins as Window Covers and a bare floor (yet to be tiled) for some months.

Miraculously, resources started flowing months after we created the Home Fellowship, so we made the living room comfortable for our meetings, and since then, our sources of livelihood have increased tremendously. Recently, we completed and fenced the house and opened a Supermarket at the Shopfront. Our pastors came in and dedicated the place, and we’ve had good sales daily despite the location.

We want to return all the GLORY to GOD ALONE as we pray for a better year ahead.”

Wow! What a testimony.

Picture this: moving into an unfinished house like Mrs. Gift and her family, with tarpaulin as window covers and a bare floor. Would you want to have guests come into your home? Would you have been embarrassed?

It was different for Gift’s family; they understood that fellowship with the brethren was more important than any kind of embarrassment. Instead of waiting for perfection, they transformed their humble abode into a Daystar Home fellowship, breathing life into their home and embracing the power of believers coming together. And that’s when their miracles began.

Let their story inspire you to believe in the power of fellowship, the miracles that await us, and the extraordinary transformations that can happen when we open our hearts, homes, and fellowship together.
If you don’t belong to a home fellowship, you can find one here.

Today is another beautiful day to join us on-site or online for our midweek service at 6 p.m. WAT. It is our communion service, and we trust God to transform your life as you join us. Hallelujah!