Daystar Christian Centre - Midweek service - Presence of God

Proper Response to the Presence of God

As we continue to consider the presence of God, we need to have the proper response to the presence of God. There are many lessons we can learn from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob’s encounter with God. 

Genesis 28:10-20(NLT)

Jacob encountered God’s presence while trying to run from his brother. Some people encounter God’s presence amid problems.

It’s time we begin to see problems from a different dimension and try to see God. He is always there with you. Jacob didn’t pursue the presence of God, it was God who came and introduced himself to Jacob. God reveals His present to whomever He wills.

God’s presence is with you everywhere (Psalm 138:70).

As believers, we carry God’s presence, and the holy spirit lives in us. However, we have to pursue God’s manifest presence that brings miracles and freedom.

For us to achieve the state of God’s manifest presence, we have to:

  • Constantly having fellowship with him
  • Study the word
  • Pray fervently
  • Walk in obedience to God’s instructions.

Be conscious of God’s presence, because when you experience God’s presence, your life cannot remain the same. His promises are real! 

The proper response to God’s presence 
1. Raising an altar for God
2. Learn to give; there is nothing you can give that will be out-giving to God.


Sermon excerpts from Pastor Grace Ofili – Wednesday, October 19, 2022.
Watch the full sermon here.