Daystar Christian Centre - Midweek Service - Hosting the presence of God

Hosting God’s Presence

Hosting God’s presence is critical for man because we are the ones that need God. It is not the other way.

Whether you have a relationship with God or not, He is still God. But to fulfil your purpose and succeed at what you do, you need God. Have you ever asked, “Why God?” 

God is kind, He is protective, and He wants to help us. God cannot see darkness and sit down. He wants to shine His light through you. God’s presence is not a one-off event, it is our trademark.

God’s presence influences the quality of our relationships with everyone and everything else. The question for you now is, “Would you be God’s trademark?” 

Doing things excellently and consistently is a trademark of God’s presence. When we work with God, we do things of superior quality, so whatever we do must carry a touch of divinity; that is what it means to make God’s presence your trademark.

God wants His presence to be our trademark!

The major condition to host God’s presence is love. Loving God is to obey His word, and to obey the word, you need to know the word. To know the word, you need to have the yearning. John (14:23 1 John 5:3)

God wants us to obey his word, and He blesses us with His presence by following His commands. Obedience to God causes us to host God’s presence.

God wants us to be obedient, to be compliant with the word. When dealing with people, we struggle because our obedience isn’t complete.

Don’t sin by letting anger overwhelm you.

Sermon excerpts: Pastor Timi Mogaji  (Wednesday, October 12, 2022)
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