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Shielding Your Marriage in Tough Times

Shielding Your Marriage in Tough Times. Isaiah 32:14-20. If we base our decisions and our life on the indices of the economy and the world there is every chance that we will get depressed. God has promised that regardless of how bad things are we will blossom. God already has a plan for the day you go through adversity, so we must not get fearful. In tough times the family can be the most affected in an economy. The hike in prices can take a toll on family finances and mental health which can ultimately weaken the family structure. Once cash begins to go low the tendency for aggression begins to increase, we need to be careful how we handle seasons like this.

You must learn to stand your ground because the Devil will always stand against anything God has told you. We must understand that we must not let go of God’s word. We must not allow anything that is happening around us to make us yield to the Devil. If God has said that it is our year of blossoming then we must consider it done.

Reasons why we must stand our ground on God’s word

  • The devil will come after our revelation (Mark 4:15) but we know what God has said about us so we must believe in God’s word for us.
  • God has seen the end and has declared you a winner already. God cannot lie, He has seen that you will increase in all aspects of your life so nobody can dispute it. (Numbers 23:19) If you allow the economy to shut your mouth then you will not be able to see the effect of God’s promise in your life.
  • Psalm 16:5-6

How to stand your ground

  • Declare over your finances, declare that you are blossoming regardless of what is happening around you.
  • Stand at your guard post (Habakkuk 2:1 NLT) Watch to see what God will tell you, revelation is all you need to get to your next level.
  • Pay attention to the promptings in your heart and the things that God is saying to you.
  • Act in faith
  • Watch your accountability and association: Surround yourself with people with the same values to sharpen yourself.
An excerpt from the sermon by Pastor Timilehin Mogaji on Wednesday, May 8, 2024

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