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The Power Of Community 5

The Power Of Community 5. In Luke, chapter 14 Jesus shares an interesting story about a man who prepared a feast and sent his servants out to invite people for it.  The first set of people invited to the party were the wrong people because they were not in desperate need of the festivities, after getting turned down they searched again and were able to get interested people.

Throughout this series, we have sought to move as close to the biblical template of the church as possible, and we established a few things:

  • Under the new covenant, power has been decentralised, and we are now men and women of God.
  • The temples started to become too small for the spread of the gospel, and ministry happened in people’s homes.
  • The church is a family, and we should treat each other as such.
  • Visiting people at their homes is the best way to shown that you care and help solve problems that you have solutions to.

When there is love in a family or organization, it will always spill over to the community around them. Pay attention to the culture of your organization, the way you treat your organizational members is the way they will treat your customers. Who wants to care about a church that does not care? Of what value is a church in a community if it is all enclosed by itself.

Most people do not recognize the solutions to their problems because of Cognitive bias, they have their own analysis, diagnosis and solution in their minds. It is one of the many reasons people miss the answers to their prayers. 

It is easy to become so used to hardship that you see a simple solution, you become suspicious of it. It’s not automatic that people will recognize the solutions to their problems when it shows up. There is a need for us to convince and pull people to their solutions. 

It is wrong to be aware of solutions and not inform the people that need them.

Sermon excerpt from Sunday sermon by Pastor Sam Adeyemi – Sunday 30, July, 2023

Watch this sermon here.