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The Quest (5)

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A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

Phewww! What a ride with Frank this has been. Thank you so much for engaging, we see and appreciate your feedback. Keep it coming and we hope you are also taking out time to listen to the messages preached since we began this series in church.

We know you’ve been waiting to read about our Star boy Frank. Well… the wait is over, here goes.

Frank tossed and turned in his bed. Sleep eluded him tonight, his mind was busy. The project at work was suddenly taking its toll on him. Why did everything suddenly become slow?

This was certainly not what he envisaged at the beginning of this project. If anything, at the pace they started, he expected they would have made giant strides by now.

Ever since they brought Samtex Ventures on board, it had been one complaint after another. If they weren’t requesting more documentation, it would be that the report was not comprehensive enough. He was just plain tired. What exactly did they want from him and his team? Plus suddenly, Samantha who was pregnant had to be placed on strict bed rest as she started bleeding. Infant, they made her drop off her official laptop and phone at work so no chance of working from home for her.
So add missing a vital team member and the unnecessary pressure from Samtex, Frank was EXHAUSTED physically and mentally.

He turned on his bedside lamp, checked his wristwatch, rolled his eyes, and hissed. Even the time was ridiculously slow tonight. Otherwise, how was it just 3 am? He got off his bed, thinking a cold shower might do him a world of good right now.

Frank was wrong, the cold shower didn’t help.

He strolled into his kitchen, brewed a cup of coffee, and picked up his favorite magazine – The Business Trend.

He soon found that he was just flipping through the pages absentmindedly. He was deep in thought again and this time, it wasn’t just Samtex Ventures that was eating him up. He couldn’t seem to get what Jay, his friend proposed out of his mind.

Would Mr. M find out?
If he did, would he lose his job?
Would there be other consequences?
But what if nobody found out?

So many thoughts assailed him this cold night. Heck, he was even now sweating.

He was still deep in thought when he heard loud cries from the flat next to his.

Arghhh! ‘Mrs. Oke and her children are such a nuisance. I really cannot wait to move out of this compound and buy a house in a very good estate’, Frank said aloud.

He stood up, stretched, went back to bed, and forced himself to sleep. He had a long day ahead with his fiancée and had no plans of letting Ann down.

At the counseling session last Saturday, Frank was bone tired and struggled to keep his eyes open as Mrs. Daniels, their counselor talked on and on. He barely heard a word of what she said.

‘Babe, I noticed you were struggling to stay awake while Mrs. Daniels was talking’, said Ann.

‘Oops! Was it that obvious? I didn’t get enough sleep, yesterday’, Frank replied.

‘Is everything alright?’ Ann probed.

‘Yes, babe. I’m okay, it’s just the project at work but I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about it’, Frank said with a smile.

‘Are you sure?’ Ann wasn’t convinced.

‘Absolutely!’ Frank said, reassuring her.

End of discussion as he started the engine and they drove off to OceanDrive for lunch.

On Monday, Frank was in the cafeteria when Chyke walked in, he had barely touched his lunch.

‘Hey Frank, howdy?’ Chyke asked.

‘I’m good, man’

Frank was up already as he shook hands with Chyke.

‘Wait… you’re leaving already?’ asked Chyke.

‘Yes, I need to complete a report before 3 pm.’ Frank replied.

‘And you barely touched your lunch, plus you look dead on your feet. Is everything okay?’ Chyke asked.

‘I’m okay, I just didn’t get enough rest over the weekend’ Frank said.

‘Oh! Please try to rest and don’t overwork yourself. Na who dey alive dey spend money ooo’ Chyke said.

‘Naso, my brother’ Frank replied as they both laughed.

By the way, I’m really enjoying your church, or do I say my church now, Chyke smiled. Guess what? I have completed the membership school and I joined the maturity school on Saturday.

‘Ah ahn! You’re on fire o. Even I that invited you to Daystar, I’ve only completed the membership class’ Frank said.

‘Yes oo, I’m on fire for Jesus’ Chyke laughed. Before you know it, I would have completed missions school. And very soon, I’ll be made a Pastor. Daystar Pastors are so cool.’

‘Chai! See my life outside o. This project is eating up my time. Once it’s over, I’ll be back to church fully’ Frank said.

‘I need to go now, see you around, Chyke’ Frank said as he made his way out of the cafeteria.

Frank sat on his chair and turned on his laptop. One email with one extra zero and he would be living his best life. What was Pastor Sam’s admonition to men again on Sunday during the sermon he watched online?

‘Money is important, make clean money’.

Only the first part of the sentence made sense to him now. What Jay proposed was not bad in itself. Even if they don’t do it, someone else might. And it’s the national cake, everybody takes their share of it when the opportunity presents itself, Frank rationalized.

‘A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!’

He shut down every other voice in his head, clicked on ‘compose new mail’ and started.

‘Dear Mr Ben,’ he typed. ‘Please find attached the budget for granite for the completion of Road 6…’

To be continued…

We are curious, name. What do you think will happen next with Frank? Hit reply, let’s know your thoughts.

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