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The Quest (6)

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  • Post published:June 24, 2023

Pastor Grace ‘broke tables’ on Wednesday. It was such a SOLID word that calls for soul-searching. If you missed the service, please catch a replay here 

The Quest (6) | Wahala!!!

…Frank’s story continues below.

Frank was still composing the email when his phone rang. At first thought, he was going to decline the call, but on seeing who the caller was, he answered.

‘Good afternoon, mama.’ Frank greeted his mum.

‘Kene, how are you my son?’ his mum responded.

Frank smiled at the other end, only his mum called him by his middle name.

‘I’m fine, mama. Is everything okay? It’s a bit strange for you to call at this time’, he replied.

‘Hmmm…you are right, my son. We need money. Your younger brother is resuming school next week, and we haven’t bought his books.’ His mum said.

Frank was silent for a beat.

‘Kene, are you there?’

‘I’m here, mama. This economic crunch is affecting everyone. Wasn’t it just last week I sent money to you and… ‘ Frank trailed off.

‘I know, my son but things are expensive now and you’re the only one we can call for help’, his mum replied.

‘I’ve heard you, mama. I’ll see what I can do before the weekend.’ Frank replied and ended the call.

‘These are the issues’ Frank said aloud.

At this rate, even God would understand, he thought. The country was hard already, even before the economic crunch. His wedding was fast approaching and Ann’s family were already asking for money to buy some items needed for the wedding. And now his mum needed money too.

One look at his laptop and he hit ‘send email’. If he missed this perfect opportunity to make more money, it was his fault.

After all ‘opportunity comes but once’ he thought.

He shut down for the day and headed home.

Frank woke up at exactly 4 am. What was it about this dream? He had the same dream a couple of months ago.

’Beware of idols’

He was confused. He would have to call his mum later in the day. Maybe it had to do with something in his ancestry. He just couldn’t place the dream.

At the office the next day, Frank had barely settled in when the intercom in his office rang.

‘FRANK, come to my office now!’ Mr. Mark said.

Mr. M’s tone sent chills down his spine. Frank began to feel hot suddenly, even though the air conditioner was on.

Had Mr. Mark seen the email? Did he notice the figures were inflated? Would he be fired?

He stood up to go to Mr. Mark’s office. His legs were wobbly but he tried to steady himself.

What had he gotten himself into? He kept thinking.

He hesitated in front of Mr. M’s office. His whole life flashed before him. Would he become a job seeker again? He tapped the door gently, not knowing what his fate would be, and opened it.

‘You called for me, Sir’ he said.

Mr. M was writing and didn’t look up.

To be continued…

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Join us for the concluding part of ‘The Quest’ on Wednesday.

We cannot wait to fellowship with you this Sunday. Join us as we continue the series ‘The Ultimate Resurrection’.

It promises to be an awesome time in God’s presence as always.