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We Need More Synonyms!

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  • Post published:May 10, 2023

We need more synonyms! If I were to find synonyms for the Clarke’s marriage today, I would say ‘Victory, Triumph, Wins, Boom, Restoration…’

Can you add more synonyms, please?

Ok, let me back up and explain, but first, has Pastor Boye Oloyede’s phrase from last Sunday been ringing in your head as much as it has been in mine?

Holy Spirit, how do you want me to respond?

I mean, if we are going to enjoy ‘Family success’, we’re all first going to DIE like that seed that falls into the ground in John 12 v 24, only to engage the power of the Holy Spirit to produce much fruit!

The Clarke’s marriage was already dead. All that was left was to throw some sand over it!

Until one party decided to ‘die’ and start responding like Pastor Boye prescribed (find that message on YouTube here and listen NOW!)

Somehow, that death of one brought resurrection to their marriage. Today when they tell their ‘almost-didn’t-make-it’ marriage story, it’s hard to believe.

Fun Quiz: Who do you think died? Husband or wife? let us know!

Then see you at 6p.m WAT on-site at our Oregun centre only or online worldwide here, It’s still ‘Family success’ all month at Daystar.