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What if You Cannot Find Any?

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  • Post published:July 12, 2023

What if you cannot find any? Learning about “The Power Of Community” has been thrilling. The testimonies we have heard from the altar and in our emails have been so refreshing.

God makes a home for those who are alone. (Psalm 68 v 6a)

So, we are inexcusable! If you are not yet a part of a Daystar small group, click this link and get directed to one near you if you live in Lagos, or one online, no matter where you live in the world.

And if you cannot find any near you, and have completed the 300 level of our training system, click this link and volunteer to lead one. That’s what the Franklin’s did, and you are about to read what God did!

My wife and I started believing God for another baby (after our first child) some time ago. Within three years, we had several miscarriages that we could not explain. We consulted with medical experts and continued praying.

We moved to a new location in October 2019 and couldn’t locate a place to attend home fellowship. We quickly offered our apartment for cell meetings and prayed that God will honor our offer by granting us our desire. In March 2020, a cell was inaugurated in our home with my wife and I and our cell leader being the first members. That very month, my wife became pregnant. On the second of January 2021, my wife was delivered of a bouncing, beautiful baby girl who we named ‘Adorable’. We are indeed grateful to God for this joy He added to our family.

Now, I am sure the Franklin’s didn’t start hosting a cell group to ‘arm twist’ God into giving them a second child, but just as there are benefits to being on a company’s staff, there are also massive benefits when we work for God!

And we are excited that in just a few hours, 6p.m W.A.T  precisely, Midweek service will go LIVE, and if you prefer a physical meeting and are in Lagos, our Oregun centre is where you should be. Can’t make it there, that’s also fine because we are online here too.

The Power of Community remains our theme for the month, and no doubt service today is going to be a really good one. See you soon!