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Why We Should Praise God

God deserves our praise. We praise in celebration of who a person is and what they can do. We praise God because of who He is, He has no competition, and He is the greatest being in existence. Then we praise Him because of what He does and He also has no competition there. So God deserves the highest level of adoration and admiration. Isaiah 46, 9-11.

God deserves our praise because He is the greatest:

(Psalm 145:3 NLT) When it comes to who He is we actually can’t define how great He is. Nobody can measure Him and when it comes to what He can do we’re only just scratching the surface of His creation. The Sun that we think is just hanging in the sky is 147 million kilometres from Earth. The Sun is so huge that it can contain 1.3 million Earths. The Sun is a star, there is another star that can 300 of our Sun. There are 400 billion stars in our galaxy. We can’t measure His greatness so He deserves our praise

Praise shifts our focus from our problems to God:

(2 Chronicles 20). One of the downsides to human nature is our five senses, these senses feed our brain with so much information that we start to assume that the physical world is more real than the spiritual world. We then tend to pay more attention to physical realities than we do to spiritual realities. When we focus more on our problems God fades out of our thinking, when we focus more on God the problems fade out of our thinking.

You must win the war of focus so that you don’t get overwhelmed by challenges. The more you call the Devil’s name, the more you amplify him. There is no situation where you don’t have God. Whenever you focus on someone or something as being responsible for your problems, you empower that thing and turn yourself into it’s victim. Stay on the frequency of praise and thanksgiving this season, take your eyes off all what is happening and keep your focus on God.

Praise breaks the Hold of sadness and lifts your spirit:

There’s so much bad news in the world right now and it creates sadness, hopelessness and anxiety. You need to reduce the quantity of news that you feed on. When you stay on the frequency of praise, you are able to break free.


Praise destroys limitations and births miracles:

(Acts 16:22-27NLT) Paul and Silas were attacked, arrested and thrown in prison but they took their eyes off their situation and they began to praise God and He showed up for them and rescued them from prison.