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Creative Power of Faith 2

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  • Post published:August 24, 2022

Creative Power of Faith 2

The time of adversity is the time to unleash the creative power of faith. With God, chaos and adversity signifies opportunities to create a new beginning.

To create is to bring something into existence.

New things are about to come into manifestation now, because it is a season for the new.


Acknowledge that creativity is in your nature.

The first thing we realized about God in the Bible is creativity.

God uses whatever He has to create whatever He wants. When God created man, He released the Elohim dimension of Himself into man.

By the nature of God, you can create. We are here to create. The capacity to create is part of your nature. Be Fruitful. Don’t leave anything in the seed state. Cultivate it, process it.

Access the raw materials for creation.

The raw materials God used to create the world were intangible and invisible. Ideas, thoughts, concepts, pictures, designs, that are transferred to us from God into our minds are those raw materials.

Invest more effort into getting revelation from God and invest time in meditation on the Word of God, so you can capture things in the spiritual realm and translate into physical realities.

 Say what God said.

There is creative power in words, Jesus Christ expressed that there is life-force in every word that comes from God.

If you say what God said and apply it, you’ll see new things. When you say what God said about your situation, it might sound stupid to people around you, but you have to get ready for that battle.

If you’re going to operate in faith, this has got to be your lifestyle.

If you’re going to see the creative power of God, change your language.

Don’t agree to wrong labelling by people around you.

Say what God said.

Sermon excerpts from Pastor Sam Adeyemi – Sunday, August 21, 2022.
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