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Sit Down And Enjoy Yourself Please!

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  • Post published:November 29, 2023

Sit down and enjoy yourself please! I love food. Yes, I said it. Healthy, yummy food, please. I especially love buffets because we get options for a wide range and quantity of food. The only problem with a buffet is that we cannot take any food out of it.

Ugh, the frustration!

Coming to Daystar every week, both for midweek and Sunday services, in a way feels like a buffet, but so much better, because not only do we get to enjoy the ‘Sermon Dishes’, we get to take it home. If you are anything like me, I find a cozy corner with some lovely drink and my journal and relive the service as I desire.

Look at that!

Today at our Midweek service from 6pm WAT, we pull the curtain on the series for November, LEAD, and I am so thankful that I can sit down and enjoy myself with all the Sunday and Wednesday services, plus the ELC, which nicely opened up the month. It’s all here, on our YouTube channel

So please, sit down and enjoy yourself!

And, one more thing, GLORIA is here. Daystar annual Christmas Concert always over delivers, so mark your calendars and share our promotional materials everywhere you can. The date is Sunday December 10, 2023, and it holds at every service in every Daystar location in Lagos, and online. Check out our teaser-trailer here

See you at Midweek service in a few hours. We are on-site at our Oregun Church and online on our YouTube channel.

Cheers to Leading differently as we say Welcome to the most wonderful month of the year, December!