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The 4 P’s of an Effective Christian Witness

Acts 1:6 NLT. Take your mind off the situations that you are faced with and the situations happening around you right now and focus on the task of witnessing Christ.

The 4 P’s of an Effective Christian Witness

  • Position: Every witness must have a position, the effectiveness of a Christian witness is determined by their position. There are three kinds of witnesses in a court trial:
  1. An ordinary witness; someone who saw or heard something about the case.
  2. Expert witness; Someone who has special expertise in areas that have to do with the case, like Psychiatrists, Handwriting experts, Forensic scientists etc,
  3. Character witness: someone who can provide facts about the defendant, mostly people who are very close to them.

Anyone who does not fall under these categories is not fit to bear witness at all. Similarly, to bear witness for Christ you must have a connection with him. Witnessing should become a part of our lives and daily discussion. In 1 John 1:1 John presented his apostolic credentials to his disciples, what gave Jesus’ apostles credibility while witnessing was their personal knowledge of Christ. Acts 4:13 NLT. What can you say about someone who you do not know? you know Christ, go all out to talk about Him.

  • Power: The effectiveness of a Christian witness is determined by their power. Acts 1:8 NIV. When you receive the power of the Holy Spirit, it is so that you can be a witness for Christ.
  • Prove the reality of our witness: Mark 16:20.
  •  Pray for the souls that you are going to meet, pray for yourself that God will give you the power and the sensitivity to witness.
  • Purpose of a witness: The effectiveness of a witness is determined by their purpose. The purpose of witnessing is to make Jesus known.
An excerpt from the sermon by Pastor Grace Ofili on Wednesday, March 20, 2023

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