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The Power of Community 4

The Power of Community 4. The church is a family, and members of families should visit one another ocassionally. Jesus Himself did many home visits during His time on Earth. There were even several controversial people’s homes that Jesus visited.

Luke 4:38-41 NLT – There are a few takeaways from this passage:

  • Visiting is the best way to know people’s real conditions: We have no idea what people are going through when we see them in Church. They would look put together, and when you ask them how they are doing, they would probably tell you they are fine. But many people are going through things that you won’t otherwise find out except you visit them at home.

  • Visiting creates the opportunity to solve real problems: Someone might have what you need, and a lot of us feel poor because we are not going where we are needed, Jesus went where He was needed, and He was received. The amount of clothing, money or foodstuff you have that is not a bother to you is a breakthrough for someone else. Peter and John went to a temple, and they didn’t have cash but they gave the man at the gate what they had (Acts 3:1-7)

  • Visiting provides the best opportunity to reach peoples family and friends: It gives you the opportunity to evangelize to people in the homes of those you went to visit. Jesus did this as well in Luke 5:27-29 with Levi the tax collector.

And every day, in the Temple and from house to house, they continued to teach and preach this message: “Jesus is the Messiah.” (Acts 5:42 NLT)

Christ said that visitation would be part of the assessment criteria on judgement day (Matthew 25:44-45 NLT)

So visit God today!

Sermon excerpt from Sunday sermon by Pastor Solomon Kpandei – Sunday 23, July, 2023

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