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We Loved this One as Students

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  • Post published:February 25, 2023

We loved this one as students. I’m curious, did you attend a boarding school? Chances are that if you did, especially in Nigeria, you’d be able to relate to this story.

Back in high school, we were allowed to choose between food & nutrition, and agricultural science. Almost everyone opted for food and nutrition.

I bet you can guess the reason — Practical’s! After learning in class, we had to put theory to practice in the labs. It was fun, and the aroma as we cooked brought everyone in our direction.

Interestingly, practical got allotted a higher score than theory. Meaning, you scored better based on how well you could cook.

So, we have been discussing the series ‘love’ all through this month, and we hope you have been practicing all that we have been learning in church?

Our much fruit season will be established only on the platform of Love and this is not just in words but in deed. Love is our nature, it shouldn’t be foreign to us. Let love shape your actions, inactions, and decisions, especially during this election season in Nigeria.

And just like our aroma attracted people, love attracts people to us, so, let’s practice love.

Beloved children, our love can’t be an abstract theory we only talk about, but a way of life demonstrated through our loving deeds. ( 1 John 3 : 18 TPT)

Join us this Sunday for the concluding part of the series – LOVE. It promises to be an amazing time as always in God’s presence.

And if you’re curious as to how service will hold, please stay close to our social media handles (@daystarng on Instagram and Twitter) and our YouTube page here