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 – 2y – 8 = 5y Find L!

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  • Post published:February 1, 2023

– 2y – 8 = 5y, Find L! Haha, just before you try solving this, let me share a story.

Growing up, I recall a boy in my class who dreaded Mathematics. He would sit and stare at the board all through the class, confused.

But first, let me tell you a bit about my Math teacher, we’re calling him Teacher X. Teacher X would always stroll into the classroom and write a new topic on the board without a word.

He would write the formula for, let’s say, Algebra. Then he would proceed to solve an example; recall that Teacher X would not say a word all through this process.

Next thing, he writes a question and now faces the class. ‘Who can solve this?’ he would ask. In a split second, a girl raises her hand and gives the correct answer. That marked the end of our mathematics class.

The boy would raise his hand in protest ‘Sir, I don’t understand?’

Teacher X would respond with a smirk, ‘’it’s simple, learn the formula” and off he would go, leaving the boy in a more confused state.

As I sat and reflected on this, I realized that the problem was that no one would explain the formula to this boy, which was the foundation.

And isn’t this the problem in our world today, more so in Christendom? We don’t know the basic principle of the faith we profess. Can you it?

If you said LOVE, you are correct.

Like the young boy, life for us can be complicated but LOVE is the formula and when we take it into everything, we suddenly find answers.

I bring you good news, we are starting the new month with a brand new series at Daystar: LOVE

You can say bye to confusion and any myth surrounding this topic. If you’re as pumped as I am, you should mark your calendar already and while at it, take time to study 1 Corinthians 13.

Join us this Wednesday (strictly online) for a refreshing time in God’s presence. We’re on YouTube here