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The Influencer

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Text: Matthew 23:15 (NLT)

After death, one of the greatest regrets people will have is when they reflect on the bad influence they had on people. Gen 1:27-28 (NLT).

You were born to influence your environment, born to influence the world for good. You are born again for influence. You can influence the world positively. Acts 1:8 NLT. Your influence is meant to grow from local to International. You can affect people, a place, or a thing. You don’t leave people the way you meet them.

Will you be a good influencer or a bad one? Isaiah 9:16 (NLT). Family cannot rise beyond the quality of their values, if you don’t have strong values, you are not likely to prosper on a sustainable basis. We rise or fall to the quality of our values. God is concerned by the leadership of His house and the leadership provided by members of His family to the world. Jeremiah 23:15-18 (NLT).

God will always empower those that want to use their influence positively. It is the truth, not the false hope that will set people free. We have come to a time where positive influence is needed in our world and it starts from the house of God. Be careful who your tutor and guardian are. When you mature in Christ, He gives you the part your culture does not give you. Love is the way to development. It is love that should influence our vision so that we see people, places, and things the way they’ve never been before. It is love that should dictate our values.


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