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The Influencer (2)

Pastor Boye Oloyede

Text: Matthew 13:14 (NLT)

Jesus told the disciples that they are the salt and the light of the world; salt and light never leave the environment the same. You are destined to have influence. It doesn’t matter how you see yourself. Influence is the capacity to affect someone or something directly or indirectly.

Influence is God-given capacity. You have a God-given ability to influence people, places, and things. You would have met people who would leave you energized and some who would leave you drained; this has to do with their influence on you.

You must believe that you have the God-given power to influence others. It is God that put saltiness in salt and illumination in light. It will be a problem for salt to believe it is not salt. It is a problem for you not to know that you have a God-given capacity to make an impact. The ability and the capacity to make an impact is in you. Often, circumstances want to make you doubt what God has said about you.

God will never consult your past to construct your future; what God has designed for you has nothing to do with where you are coming from. If God says that you are salt and light, there are things He has put inside you. Don’t disqualify yourself when God has qualified you. However successful you have been to this point, there is more potential in you to do more, to have more significant influence.

Identify your unique flavour and the value you add. Romans 12:6 (NLT) God has given us different gifts to do certain things well. Never apologize for being gifted by God. There is a dimension of God’s creative competence in you, you find yourself doing what others do, but you get a fantastic result.

You are a genius in a specific area, and you need to find and develop it for the benefit of humanity. Salt does not add flavour to itself; light does not illuminate itself.

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